Speech-to-Read, All About Pre-Reading Skills for Dyslexic Students.

KoolMinds Team
For October Dyslexia Awareness Month, Jura Kool, President of KoolMinds International and Dyslexia Reading Specialist hosted a free virtual round table discussion via zoom. She was joined by two very special guests- Jess Garrett, a speech-language pathologist and Stephanie Wynn, a dyslexia educational advocate. If you missed the event or just want to watch it again, now is your chance! 

If you are a reading expert, speech-language pathologist, parent, teacher this round table discussion is for you. During this event, we discussed pre-reading skills, that essential speech-to-read piece that often holds students back in progressing in any reading program. If your student is or has struggled with progressing in their phonics program at school, please take the time to watch this recording. 

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