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Discover Your Child's Talents

Everyone has talent!
Find out what your child brings to the table through a fun and easy EEG (Brainwave) test. 
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What is Verbatoria?

Based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner, Verbatoria helps to learn the natural talents of a person. Since 2014, our certified specialists carry out a unique neurofeedback testing for kids, teenagers,  and adults on seven talent edges (TQ). Testing is held by age-groups that guarantees an individual approach to the assessment and not a comparison with the norms as in traditional methods. In addition to natural talents, attention is measured at different classes, that it the speed of assimilation of information. 
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Your Test Includes:

  • Talent Quotient
  • Career Match
  • Leadership Style
  • Mindfulness
  • Learning Style
  • Risk Behavior Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Memory Analysis
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We'll also match your top talents to your ideal career!
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Your child is talented.

We will tell you exactly in what area and how to develop it!

This test helped my daughter gain more confidence and self esteem through discovering her talents. She has different talents than her siblings so when she compared herself with them, she felt like she didn't have any talent. Thanks for helping my daughter to recognize her unique talents!

Tiffany K.

I loved the test results! It was so accurate for myself and 3 kids. It helped me to see each of my kids' talents so that I can better support what they are naturally good at. It was helpful to see what their learning style is. The career matches were so fun too!

Laura P.

How does it work?

During the assessment, the recording of brainwaves is carried out with the help of ultra-light and secure sensor NeuroSky (USA) while performing different simple tasks.
The recorded waves are sent to a cloud-server and are analyzed automatically by a unique patented algorithm.
The report will clearly and in detail describes the long term personal development based on your child's talents. At the end of the assessment, our specialists will explain and assist you based on the report.

How can Verbatoria Assessment help my child (and me)?

The assessment can help to determine:
  • Which classes your child should choose 
  • Which clubs should your child attend
  • What is the optimal load for your child to handle without causing burnout or health hazards
  • What is the best method of revision for your child
  • What talents are worth investing time and money to develop
  • Which types of jobs will be ideal for your child to succeed
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