Reading Remediation Roadmap

KoolMinds uses the Orton-Gillingham, Structured Word Inquiry, and Speech-to-Read components in our approach.

In addition to teaching reading and spelling, we teach grammar and work to improve the students reading fluency and grow their vocabulary by teaching morphology/etymology. Most students learn best by doing things systematically and following a specific scope and sequence. We have incorporated all strategies involved in the science of reading in our intervention process. A good reading program follows the five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) and is diagnostic/prescriptive, direct, explicit, multi-sensory, structured, cumulative, and metacognitive. We teach for 95% accuracy and mastery, but also for continued mastery as well.

Scope and Sequence: 
  • Level 0: Speech-to-Read; Reading Readiness
  • Level 1: Phonemic Awareness; Intro to Handwriting
  • Level 2: Consonants & Short Vowels; Letter-Sound Association
  • Level 3: Closed & Unit Syllables; Multi-sensory Spelling Instruction
  • Level 4: Multi-Syllable words and Vowel Teams; Morphology Vocabulary Development
  • Level 5: Prefixes & Suffixes; Advanced Syllabication for 3-4 Syllables
  • Level 6: Silent-E Syllables
  • Level 7: Vowel-R's Syllables
  • Level 8: Advanced Vowel Team Syllables
  • Level 9: Influence of Foreign Languages; French, Latin, Greek and Etymology
  • Level 10: Latin Roots & Greek Combining Forms; Advanced Etymology
  • Level 11: Advanced Phonics; Grammar and Writing Composition; Syntax/Semantic of Writing
  • Level 12: Paragraph + Summarizing with Comprehension Monitoring; Secondary Writing Development
  • Graduate: Able to Summarize Passages in Writing and Reading, Writing, Spelling at 9th Grade Level