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What is the BrainWorks Cognitive Program?

 BrainWorks is a 26 week program, usually completed within 7-8 months, that has
allowed dozens of students of all ages to reach their full learning potential.
 Sessions are typically held around 4 times per week at home or with an instructor. While it can be a
substantial time commitment, the leaps and bounds our students make are astounding. 

             Students who struggle to learn and read do so for a reason. This reason is found in 10 key cognitive skills essential to all reading, memory, test-taking  and overall academic success.

Focus & Concentration

Being able to give the appropriate attention to a task until it is completed. A student's ability to keep the eyes and mind on a task long enough to gather all pertinent information can have a profound effect on how the student learns.


The ability for the mind and eyes to gather all necessary pieces of information. One of the major visual skills needed to perform the act of reading is the ability of the eyes to track. During the act of reading, the eyes must accurately follow the lines of the text and move precisely from one word to the next.

Processing Speed

The pace at which we take in information, make sense of it, and begin to respond. The ability of the brain to respond within a given time frame. Weak processing speed is often a problem for students who have difficulty with reading fluency.

Working Memory

Allows us to process and transfer new information from short term memory to long term memory. 

Cross Patterning

Engages both hemispheres of the brain to help activate more neural pathways for the brain to communicate. Cross-Patterning is the epicenter of most processing abilities and allows free open communication between the right and left brain hemispheres which is a vital skill in retention.

Auditory Discrimination

The ability to recognize similarities and differences in the different parts of language.


Allows us to take abstract concepts to concrete to get to the real meaning of how something is structured and how to apply it.

Figure Ground

The ability to focus on the “figure” or the important stimuli against a background of competing stimuli. The volume of stimuli coming to the brain at any given time is incredible. this skill is needed to maintain concentration while being distracted.

Directional Orientation

A necessary skill needed to identify the positions of structures relative to other structures or location. Seeing “b” as “d,” or “p” as “q,” reading “was” as “saw,” writing from right to left and not knowing right from left are all symptoms of low directional skills.

Visual-Spatial Awareness

How we recognize space and the positions and shapes of objects in that given space. This is the skill we use in determining where we are in relation to our physical and emotional world. Frequently, low positioning will cause an inaccurate perception of one’s relationship with others. The skill of size is the skill we use in understanding volume. When perception is too large, tasks may be seen as overwhelming. When perception is too small, tasks may be left to the last minute when completion is impossible.
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See what these happy parents have to say! 

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"The program was fantastic. It allowed my son who was struggling a little with focus and confidence to learn several techniques on focusing and training his brain to do things differently. It challenged him to learn to complete very hard tasks and helped build his confidence, seeing the tasks at the beginning and thinking it was impossible to then mastering said tasks. Our teacher, Amy, was very patient, professional and fun. She is super kind and has great passion for the task. The time to practice the program at home also allowed us to be part of my son's journey and visually see his progress and what frustrated him as well. "
- Aaron B.
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"This program is a real game changer, when it came to helping my grandson. There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your child or grandchild fall through the cracks. When extra tutoring alone isn’t solving the problem, KoolMinds is your answer. They address the root cause for the delays. Their Cognitive program has really helped my grandson with his long term memory. They work on memory recall, and how to stay focused. I can’t thank them enough for all the help they have provided for my grandson."
- Diane W.
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"My 9yr old son is like a different person, he takes a shower now without my husband having to time him, he puts his clothes away without taking forever & completes tasks in record time. His ability to stay focused is like night & day, he is no longer behind at school or frustrated when he is doing homework or chores. We are so grateful for this program that saved us from prescription medication. We are a happy family again, thanks to this program."
- Angela T.

What's Included?

Everything you need to implement this program with your students is provided. Each licensee will receive training and support from our Directors and trained staff, along with a student kit. 

The online platform features 130 lessons broken down into 26 weeks of material, printable downloads, and helpful tips. 

Student Kit

Each kit is complete with the materials needed to perform the exercises with your students.


Each licensee receives training, support and professional guidance from our KoolMinds directors, as well as community with other licensees.

Video Platform

An easy-to-use video platform will be your primary resource for proper implementation of the program with your students.

Interactive Lessons = Engaged Students

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