Brain Works At-Home Option

    At-Home Cognitive Skills Program Overview 
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Course features
  • Duration: 26 Weeks
  • Exercises: 1000+
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 5 hours/wk
  • Lessons: 130 Sessions
  • Parent Led: Yes
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Course Overview

Students who struggle to learn and read do so for a reason. This reason is found in 10 key cognitive skills essential to all reading, memory, test-taking, and overall academic success.

These cognitive skills include Focus/Concentration, Tracking, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Cross Patterning, Auditory Discrimination, Conceptualization, Figure Ground, Directional Orientation, and Visual-Spatial Awareness. 

Each exercise will be based on a buddy system to help you effectively manage each exercise.

Video training content has been created to help structure and copy each exercise at home. 

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