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Jan 1 / KoolMinds International
"Will you put your shoes on for me, please?"...

"Sweetie, I need you to put your shoes on"...

"I really need you to focus and get your shoes on your feet, please..."

"Where are your shoes? Why don't you have them on yet?..."

"Shoes. On. Now!"

Been there? Yep, me too. You try to ask nicely, be patient and give gentle reminders but then it escalates and suddenly you're the mean parent yelling at your kid starting their day off just as stressful as yours. And that's just shoes! Insert homework or chores in its place and it's a whole different story. 

Ready for a change? Read Katie's story for some insight on how to affect positive change in your home. 

Katie's Story

The cognitive program has made a huge difference in the dynamics in my home. Getting homework done and keeping up in school is no longer stressful. Before doing the program, I would need to sit with my daughter to help her stay focused while doing her homework. One page of homework could take us an hour and at the end I felt exhausted and stressed. At the end of the program my daughter would come home from school, pull out her homework, and complete it on her own. She gained amazing executive function abilities. When she had a big project that would be due in a few weeks she would divide up the project and do a little work each day. She did this without me stepping in at all. I no longer had to worry if she was getting her homework done. These skills carried over to high school and now college. The other area that has been such a blessing is that she became a lot calmer and more patient. It’s like she processes things better and doesn’t get overwhelmed by what is going on. Before doing the program, she could get upset easy and had big reactions. 

 I talked to another parent who saw similar improvements with her son. The improvements we both saw with executive function we both agreed we would have paid more money for!! It’s life changing!!!
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Katie Altmann
Katie saw such progress with our program, she is now an instructor with KoolMinds and helps other families
achieve the same level of success in their homes!
A common complaint we hear from parents is that their child is unfocused, needs constant reminders or just "forgets" to do things. These are a few common signs of ADHD and usually indicate that something should be done to discontinue the spiral so that it doesn't affect all areas of your child's life down the road.

Other warning signs include: 
  • Excessive talking
  • Lack of patience
  • Gets bored quickly
  • Starts  but doesn't complete tasks 
  • Is disorganized with possessions
  • Fails to pay attention to detail
  • Interrupts often
  • Poor time management
  • Constantly moving, can't sit still
One of the reasons the BrainWorks Cognitive Skills program was developed is to combat the lack of focus and concentration that ADHD brings. Stemming from research done in the late 1980's out of Washington state which was focused on students who were struggling in public school, BrainWorks was to be a tool in learning that didn't hone in on just one skill but encompassed them all. While individual therapies are very effective for say... tracking or cross patterning, they sometime lack the complete components a student needs for effective learning overall. 

Because ADHD wasn't the sizable problem back then as it is today, our program has morphed and adapted over the years to account for the changing needs of our students. Today we have hundreds of students who have been through the program and are thriving in their education. 

Time for Change

You know your child best. They could meet with a dozen professionals who specialize in their field, but no one knows your child the way that you do. You know when Makayla starts making that face she needs a snack, or when Jason gets hurt he wants to be left alone. You know all the ins and outs of who they are, their reactions, their struggles, their fears, what makes them happy and what motivates them. You also know when they're struggling and when something needs to be adjusted. Making small changes over time can have a big impact in the long term.

There is a time and a season for everything and sometimes that means it's time for change. Change means doing something different and it isn't always welcomed. You might get some pushback when you're trying to make a positive change because its uncomfortable, right? It can make us feel self conscious and weird because it's not what we're used to, but when what we're used to isn't working anymore then change is exactly what is needed.  

Is it time for change in your family? Check out how we can help!
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